Saul H. Segan Attorney At Law

Welcome I have been privileged to be in practice for over 39 years in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While I have had extensive experience in both criminal and civil trial work throughout my legal career, it has been my pleasure to assist many individuals regain their driving privileges after their licenses have been suspended, have successfully represented many individuals who have had traffic offenses and have engaged in the defense of persons charged under the drunk driving statutes of both states throughout my many years of practice.

I am also available to discuss personal injury matters, whether by way of an automobile accident, a fall down incident, or other circumstance where someone’s negligence has resulted in an injury.

I am pleased to be of help to many clients in family law matters and try to display the utmost of compassion and understanding in any of the cases undertaken. I truly believe in a personalized approach to the practice of law. When people have legal problems they need understanding as well as legal guidance.

I am only too happy to talk to people when they have concerns, to try to answer their questions, and put their situation in its proper perspective. I derive a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction if I can ease their burdens and make their lives less stressful.”

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Saul H. Segan